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[NEW] Mindblowing Smoked Duck At Hotpot Restaurant In Singapore

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Photo Credits: @worldbestfoodies

I had the opportunity to visit Qi Xiang Hotpot which is a new concept opened by The Real Qi Xiang Chicken Hotpot, and this hotpot restaurant is opened at The Chevrons (somewhere nearby Jurong East).

It was a mouthwatering experience, I would say - most importantly, I have never expected cooked food options in a hotpot venue could actually have so much standards. One dish in particular that took my breath away literally, would be the the Smoked Infused Duck Breast Braised in Szechuan Sauce (S$22.90).

Photo Credits: @worldbestfoodies

Their Duck Breast was braised till amazing levels of tenderness, with the meat juices amalgamated well with good doses of smokiness. It is definitely a dish that I will reorder again next round, if I pop by with my close friends.

Aside from their duck breast, the other cooked food options such as their XO Carrot Cake ($10.90) and even their Fried Rice ($3) were definitely worth our calories too.

Photo credits: @worldbestfoodies

Their XO Carrot Cake is a very comforting dish for me, as it is done with a slight contemporary twist, presented with a rather clean crisp that is unusually found in traditional carrot cake counterparts, with the XO seasoning elevating the savoury notes.

Photo credits: @worldbestfoodies

Fried rice wise, I would say they also had the right balance of wok-hei well incorporated within this concentrated bowl, which is rather heartening to eat. I almost ate 2 bowls unknowingly.

Photo credits: @worldbestfoodies

I also particularly loved the spread of condiments over here, plus the personalised service that the service crew had for every customer - such as bringing the condiments over to our desk and serving us. Price point wise, it is slightly on the mid range with average total bill about 50-70/pax.

One can expect the usual soup bases from Qi Xiang Hotpot, and food freshness being the standard in the hotpot restaurant category. I would recommend checking them out if you are in the mood for hotpot, and would also like to be surprised by their cooked food selections too.

Qi Xiang Hotpot 48 Boon Lay Way, #03-06 The Chervons, Singapore 609961

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